Community Impact

A core tenet of the Saigebrook O-SDA Development Team’s mission is to provide safe, affordable, and high quality housing to Texans. With this in mind, the wellbeing of our residents is our greatest priority. We are proud to offer free onsite support services to residents at all of our communities. These services are tailored to the needs of the specific community and implemented through local nonprofit service providers who specialize in serving residents of affordable housing.

At our family communities, onsite services might include tax preparation courses, parenting classes, and special activities offered for kids. At our senior communities, we often offer onsite health screenings through visiting nurses and medical providers, and fitness classes. At every community we offer monthly free social events which take place in our fully furnished clubhouses.

We know that housing alone is not enough. Through onsite support services, we seek to give residents the tools to maintain their housing, foster a community with their neighbors, and excel in all areas of their lives.

With each development, the Saigebrook and O-SDA Team aims to make a positive contribution to the community.  Whether fostering local public art, engaging with neighborhood groups to understand specific community needs, or designing buildings informed by the surrounding architecture, we seek to constructively impact the neighborhoods in which we build.  Community impact projects undertaken by the Team have included building an art gallery and donating the space for use by a local arts cooperative, building a small park for neighbors to use, constructing a Montessori school available at no cost to the community and working alongside neighborhoods and municipalities to improve streetscapes and utilities beyond our site boundaries.